Leonard Allain-Launay

Gameplay Programmer

+33 6 85 21 11 47

Leonard Allain-Launay

Gameplay Programmer

Développeur, travaillant actuellement chez Leikir Studio en tant que Gameplay Programmer sur un projet de jeu non annoncé.

Latest Side-Project: Very Bad Greeks (play on itch.io)




C++ Game Development

Java, JavaScript
Web full stack
Angular, Node
SQL, MongoDB
git, Docker

FrenchNative EnglishBilingual GermanB2

Work Experience

Gameplay Programmer at Leikir Studio

March 2019 - Present

Gameplay programming on Rogue Lords multi-platform fighting game, using Unity engine and C#.

Gameplay Programmer at Wild Sheep Studio

September 2017 - January 2019

Gameplay programming on Wild.

Growth Engineer at CodinGame San Francisco

October 2016 - July 2017

Implemented technical solutions to drive the growth of the company in San Francisco and the Bay area. Work on the startup's strategy. CodinGame is an online gaming platform for developers, offering programming games and contests.

Full Stack intern at CodinGame

April 2016 - September 2016

Developed games and features for the CodinGame platform, with Pixi.js, Angular/HTML5/SASS for the frontend part, Java and Lua on the backend.

Full Stack intern at SpeakPlus

May 2015 - September 2015

Implemented features for the SpeakPlus platform, with the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node). SpeakPlus offers 1-on-1 language courses.

Full Stack intern at CodinGame

June 2014 - September 2014

Developed games and features for the CodinGame platform, with Pixi.js, Angular/HTML5/SASS for the frontend part, Java and Lua on the backend.


Post-Master Video games and Transmedia, Gobelins -- Enjmin

Promotion 2018

Game Design, Level Design, Shaders, Game UI/UX

Engineering Master Degree at INSA Lyon, France

Promotion 2016

Programming, UI/UX, Graphics programming (OpenGL), Hardware Architecture, Networks, Databases, Project management, Algebra, ...

Personal Projects


Unity, C# https://LeonardA-L.github.io/GGJ2020/

Chaotic physics-based game where you build your spaceship out of random scrap parts. Entry for the Global Game Jam 2020, playable in your browser.

Tread Lightly

Unity, C# https://vonrickroll.itch.io/tread-lightly

Spooky game where you must find your way through a dark mansion, having only one light bulb in your posession. Will you be able to piece together the clues of your own story? Entry for the GTMK Jam 2019, playable in your browser.

Very Bad Greeks

Unity, C# https://verybadgreeks.itch.io/very-bad-greeks

Multiplayer coop game. Very Bad Greeks has you play as four Greek Gods, fallen into modern Greece, in a challenging mix of hack'n'slash and puzzle game.


Angular, JavaScript. http://htck.github.io/bayeux/

Allows you to create your own version of the Bayeux tapestry, exported as JPG or animated GIF.